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Colorado lawmakers are forcing overreaching legislation through the legislature despite widespread opposition by voters. Are you ready to put a stop to it?

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Recap of overreaching legislation:
SB19-042, National Popular Vote:
An unconstitutional attempt to undermine the Electoral College and steal Coloradan's votes.
HB19-1177, "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation:
A gun-grab that violates Constitutional rights with no provisions to help the mentally ill.
HB19-1032, State Sexuality Indoctrination:
A state indoctrination plan to undermine parental rights to educate their children about sexuality.
SB19-181, Extreme Oil and Gas Regulation:
Oil and gas regulations that go even further than Proposition 112, the ballot measure widely rejected by Colorado voters in 2018.
HB19-1042, Sanctuary for Criminals:
Dems voted down an amendment that would block felons from receiving state funds.
Pending Introduction, Sanctuary for Criminals 2:
Announced by Colorado Dems, this pending legislation will restrict police and public entities from assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
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Our effort depends on grassroots support and donations from Coloradans ready to take back control of the Colorado legislature. We cannot do this without your support.